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Ginae Says is always open to reviews and giveaways.  We are always on the hunt for new and exciting products.  We like the weird ones too.  Favored consumer products include beauty items such as hair care, soaps and lotions.  Also favored are electronics (speakers, chargers, etc.), movies, books (nonfiction), household goods and clothing.  We enjoy product reviews and have even reviewed a slab of bacon!

When Ginae Says writes/publishes a product review, there is actually a team of reviewers behind the scenes, as it were. There are four of us. "Suzanne," "Ann," and, "Belle." We range in ages between 28 and 69. Our token kitties also have pivotal roles, as they climb over new boxes and really check out new products. The only reviewer up front is Ginae and she ensures the integrity of our reviews and assists in maintaining standards.

We are digital influencer's and brand ambassador's.


ginaeishere [at] hotmail DOT com

Product Reviews:

If you desire a product review, please, send only non-returnable, full-size product samples.  Also appreciated are high resolution images and a stats sheet, if you have these.  Our norm is a waiting period of two weeks, excepting certain articles and reviews.  However, we will write and publish your review earlier, as we are able.


While most of the product that we receive is top-of-the-line, there are the occasional nowhere-near-the-top's, for which we will sometimes publish, in as kind a manner as is possible.  If the review is going to be really bad, we'll discuss it beforehand and probably end up, just not publishing it, as we find this to be an unpleasant endeavor.


We do use affiliate advertising, Google Ads, etc.  However, this does not effect  our work product.  But, here again, Ginae Says does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

Social Media Outreach:

Totals as of January 6, 2017.  Traffic for the last month was 76K.  Total reach out is 60K.
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