Ozeri Touch II Digital Kitchen Scale with Calorie Counter

This is one of the smallest (space saving) kitchen scales that we have ever encountered.  It is lightweight (18 pounds) but substantive and works with 2 Lithium CR2032 batteries (enclosed).  The color of this one is a retro bluish-green.  But, updated.  Prettier.

The Ozeri Touch II is also super simple to operate.  We enjoy electronics and always have.  We also flinch inside when we get a new toy as we know that we will have to spend some time with instructions, diagrams and re-reading.  Ugh.  That's not an issue for is with the Ozeri. 

Remove the plastic tab from the battery compartment, place the scale on a flat surface and select your desired unit of measurement.  There you go!  Sweet!

Oh, the Microban surface.  Microban is an active inhibitor of bacteria and bacterial growth.  As the Ozeri box proclaims, this is not a substitute for cleanliness.  However, it's good to know that the surface of the scale is comprised of the stuff.  We've included a link if you wish to research this further.

The Ozeri Touch II Digital Kitchen Scale with Calorie Counter currently sells for $76.98 on Amazon.  The link is below.  It's a fast ship too.

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