LRKC Unisex Classic Long Satin Kimono Sleepwear Robe

We received the pink robe as we knew that it would be just beautiful and it is.  The robe has a soft, silky feel, due to satin-like polyester.  It feels luxurious, in fact.  It's extremely comfortable.

The robe is long, has two pockets for holding your Cheetos, the remote control,
used tissues, bacon strips and a couple of cat toys.  The porous material make for an excellent Summer robe.  The wide sleeves are a nice touch.

The belt is held with two loops, on either side of the garment.  This is good as I've had robes with belts which, were partially sewn on and it's frustrating to have to wash it that way, rather than separating it and placing it into a laundry bag to wash it.

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