Ronnie's Sweet Scent-sations

Sharon Duvall of Ronnie's Sweet Scent-Sations began your company out of frustration.  Duvall liked candles and was tired of the fact that they didn't smell great for very long or would tunnel down the sides of the jar.  Ack!

Hence, she started her own thang.  She uses soy wax and 100% cotton wicks.  She labors over individual piece to craft them by hand.  She likes them better too as they are environmentally safer, biodegradable, are easier to clean up and burn longer.



(1) 8 Oz Small Sugar Plum Berrie $11.99
(1) 16 Oz Large Ocean $16.99 - Currently on sale for $12.99!

The candles have been poured into Mason Jars, which is nice.  After I've used them, I will wash them out real good and drink from them.  I also like this because you can see the soy, which comprises the candles and there are no imperfections.  They smell great too.

I offer one caveat; read the instructions.  For example, I didn't know that it was best to trim the wick before each burn session.  Them smell lovely and I want to get the best usage out of them!

I like dealing with this company too.  They are friendly.  This is where you will go to buy these babies too.  Go to the website listed below.

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