Visions of Heaven

Visions of Heaven: A Journey through the Afterlife, was released 8 days before the movie, "Heaven is for Real" made its debut.  The author is an award-winning religion writer, Lisa Miller.

The book is beautiful and history-rich.  It is organized into eight chapters.  In fact, it's the next to last chapter which begins to push past, well, the past.  It's not that we do not appreciate history and all that goes with it.  We do.  It's the fact that we know our limitations.  Yes, we will read history and no, we will not remember it.  Not much of it anyway.

We will try and we will not succeed.  At least, not to any pleasing sense of standard.  We will fumble and we will change the subject.  We will not, however, remember much.  Of anything.  We never do.

However, we digress.

Visions is Heaven is a beautiful book and an excellent companion to those of us who have seen the movie.  Neither the book nor the movie tell us what to think, how to think and why to think.  They just make us think.
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