Sock of the Month Club

Product Review: Sock of the Month Club
The company began in 2012 as the result of a contested corn hole match, as surely, so many companies do.  This led the industrious entrepreneur's Dane and Noah to ponder the results of acquiring a small fortune.  They came up with the idea of buying great socks and haven't turned back since!

The Austin Skyline Sock arrived perfectly on time and were well-packaged.  This was actually January's mail-out, which had been created by members.  You have to look at the attached image to see them.  They definitely reflect their Austin, Texas home.

The Austin Skyline SockThe service costs a mere $12.00 per month for the cutest socks ever.  This is a fun concept too.  Rock the socks Sock of the Month Club! gentle writer could get hooked on such's true...

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