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Advanced Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer with SPF (Unscented)

Up for your perusal are the two following Geneva Naturals products.

(1) 1 Fl Oz Advanced Anti-Aging Cream with Sunscreen SPF 20
(1) Lined Geneva Naturals Bag (Aqua Blue)

Advanced Anti-Aging Cream with Sunscreen SPF 20
Advanced Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer with SPF (Unscented)

According to the instructions, this product is best used in conjunction with the Geneva Naturals C+E Serum. We did not receive this. However, we can still gauge its effectiveness without it.

This cream has a delightful scent and feels light on the face. It is to be applied to the face and neck. Our skin sucked it right up. It leaves a refreshing feeling. It also tightness the skin. But, again, this is a pleasant feeling.
Advanced Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer with SPF (Unscented)

Today, we applied the serum to the back of our hand which, is pretty wrinkled. The After photo shows a much smoother area of skin. This is what the product does for your face too. We used our hand as it is so much worse than our face.

Lined Geneva Naturals Bag

This is a nice, good-sized bag for holding number of facial care or makeup products. Unlike other such bags that we have received, this one is lined with a material that should tend to the outer shell, should an eruption occur.

Where can one secure a Geneva Naturals product? From the link. Down there.

About Geneva Naturals:

At Geneva Naturals, we love creating products that make your life easier. We have worked with some of the most innovative ingredients in European skin care to produce products that will revolutionize your routine without breaking the bank.
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Tea for Eve: Hot Tea Month

Tea for Eve is a woman-owned and operated business whose simplistic business concepts are what initially attracted us to this company. We were honored when they chose us to write about them. Perfect for Hot Tea Month!


(1) 1.9 Oz Tin of Chia for Chicks $11.95
(1) (Sample) Immune Support Tea: Mushroom Medley
(1) (Sample) Sweetness in Seattle

Chia for Chicks

This is a delightful medley of black Ceylon tea, black pepper, cardamom seed, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, green cardamom, Hawaiian coconut, honey, nutmeg and star anise. Joy to the nose and love on the palate. Just looking into the can, we are calmed just looking at the arrangement of ingredients. Random. Beautiful.

Tea for Eve: Hot Tea MonthEve's teas may be purchased from the website below. This is the first tea company that we have come across which is by and for women. Every product is so well-thought-out.

About Tea for Eve:

We deliver high quality teas that not only taste great, but some have therapeutic properties. Our focus is on a woman’s life cycle and health issues: wedding, honeymoon, pregnancy, lactation, menopause, breast cancer, etc. We take our product to the next level through organic and kosher certifications as well as making our teas in the USA. Through these measures we are building a brand in the tea industry that earns trust and devotion from our customers.

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National Pop Corn Day: Jolly Time and Popped! Gourmet Pop Corn

Happy National Pop Corn Day! Pop corn was born in Mexico and has been around for many centuries. While the exact date for National Pop Corn Day is unknown, what is known is that we eat a ton of it in the U.S. There are a handful of activities which one can participate in to celebrate the holiday.

With that in consideration, why not order up some pop corn?

You can get it from the websites, as listed below.

Jolly Time
National Pop Corn Day: Jolly Time and Popped! Gourmet Pop Corn
Jolly Time pop corn has a rich history of doing business. They have been around for a bit over 100 years and began as a product being sold on the streets. The company has blossomed since then with a flavor variety of 21.

Received - Boxes of the Following:

(1) 100 Calorie Healthy Pop Kettle Corn $2.69 - 2.89
(1) Blast O Butter $2.69 - 2.89
(1) Healthy Pop Butter $2.69 - 2.89
(1) Simply Popped $2.69 - 2.89
(1) Book - Celebrating 100 Years of Family and Fun

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Popped! Gourmet Pop Corn is located in historic Salem, Massachusetts. Their product is A+ (they always have 30 revolving flavors at any given moment). They're fun. Colorful. Flavorful. National Pop Corn Day: Jolly Time and Popped! Gourmet Pop Corn

We like the popcorn. We like the company. We highly recommend them for National Popcorn Day. You're welcome.

Oh, and by the way, Popped! introduced The Elvis earlier this month. The Elvis is chocolate covered peanut butter and banana. $9.95 a bag.

Received - Large Bags (Approximately 7 Cups per Bag):

(1) Birthday Cake! $7.95
(1) Buffalo Cheddar! $6.95
(1) Caramel! $7.95
(1) Dill Pickle! $5.95

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The Ipad Pro Under The Microscope

Ipads have made lives easier and far more interesting since their release in 2010. It’s been almost seven years. But the Ipad pro turns the tableting world on its head with a super concept and brilliant styling that rivals a computer’s power output and specs. But with the huge amount of different tablets out there, what makes the Ipad pro alluring and good enough worth shelling out the extra cash for?

Tablets are increasingly complicated machines, but for those who can do without the technical jargon, the Ipad pro is essentially the best Ipad you can get. It has power similar to a computer and the screen is essentially the same size as a laptop screen. A machine like this can complete computing and app tasks easily and doubles as an entertainment device whilst also being suitable for your work based applications.

The Ipad Pro Under The Microscope

You may think the Ipad Pro is unwieldy, and it is quite large in terms of surface area, but it is actually thinner than an Iphone 7. It is made out of aluminum and it feels solid and complete, not like it’s going to break easily, which is great if you have kids who are going to be using it.

The color is great too, which means watching movies is great because of how big the screen is. You could use it in your room on a stand or take it wherever you want. If you paired it with the right movie app such as ShowBox you could really make it a great entertainment tool, you can visit Download mirror #1 to get the app today. The watching of movies becomes even more pertinent to this machine when you consider the supreme sound quality on offer too. There are two high fidelity speakers in each corner of the Ipad, so whichever way you’re holding it you can be sure you get the best sound quality available. Because of this you can also play music out loud, though it won’t beat some of the better music systems out there today. It isn’t intrinsically design as a music device, so if this is your primary purchase reason then you should probably go somewhere else.

The camera is brilliant, and will allow you to capture those awesome family moments in the greatest of detail. It can capture video in 4K detail too, so birthdays and graduations can be captured in true posterity. If you’ll be using the pro for facetiming the front facing camera more than does the job. It’s quality is great, and if you’re a selfie lover then this is for you. You can get better photos from professional cameras, so if you just want something to take great photos then that would be your better option.

The speed and processing power of the Ipad pro really suits all kinds of work, and even comes with a keyboard that makes writing a cinch. If you’re a writer, a conventional laptop will be better because the keys are more touch responsive, but for everyday tasks it’s fine. It comes with a pen, with which designers and artists can create on a myriad of apps from the app store. You’ll want to keep it protected too.

In terms of multimedia the Ipad Pro is great and will keep the family entertained, but if you’re buying it for a specific reason such as music or for photography you’ll be better off buying equipment that is dedicated to that particular niche.

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