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Online Casinos

There are a plenty of online casinos out there.  Which to play?  Which to ignore off of your screen?  We've been playing games online for years.  However, this is our first foray into this topic.

Online Casinos
 Today, we take a skim across those that look the most promising.  Via Online Casino,  we find a list of reviewed sites. Thusly, we list the top five, along with our notes.  All of these have visually pleasing layouts, plenty of games to choose from and play and are associated with various responsible gaming sites.

On a final note, none of these sites have obnoxious pop-ups, pop-unders or Pop-Rocks (Hey, wait, that's a candy, isn't it?)  Regardless.  They don't seem to plant anything weird of heinous on your hard drive either. 

NetBet (NB)

NB has a visually aesthetic layout.  We like it the best of all of the sites.  Beautiful, even!

AllIrishCasino (ACC)

ACC has a really green background.  Really green. It's Irish though.

PaddyPower Casino (PPC)

PPC doesn't seem to accept as many payment forms as the others.  However, they do accept Visa and Paypal.  Big ones.

WilliamHill Casino (WHC)

WHC doesn't seem to offer as many game varieties as the others.  However, they have an eighty-year history and meet all other criteria.

SuperCasino (SC)

SC also doesn't seem to offer a variety of games.  But, they meet all other criteria and have a welcome bonus.  Nice.

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Amy & Brian

We like Amy & Brian because they espouse the beliefs on which we have built up and continually foster, here at Ginae Says.  Simplicity.  Truth.  Good for you!

There are other positive aspects to Amy & Brian.  However, we align our focus with their focus to pull in our similarities.  We like the other aspects too.  Family.  Longevity.  Integrity. 

We have had enough of the different coconut water brands now to know who is good and who is just, well, not good.  We have since realized that those who proclaim to be 100% natural are.  They taste the best too!  We like these big ol' cans too!

Amy & BrianReceived:

  • (2) 17.5 Fl Oz Original
  • (1) 17.5 Fl Oz With Cinnamon
  • (1) 17.5 Fl Oz With Grape
  • (1) 17.5 Fl Oz With Pulp

We liked these.  Our favorite were the ones with pulp.  We might advise that the pulp not be cubed into tiny squares.  Why not throw in bigger pieces?  Well, not so big that they are stuck in the can forever.  But, bigger.

Amy & Brian products may be purchased on Amazon.  The link is below.  There are links from the corporate website.  However, most of those do not work.

About Amy & Brian:

Whether you are going all-out for a better speed skating Olympic record, beating your own Ironman time, making awesome Reggae music, playing hard for the basketball conference championship, becoming America's favorite MMA fighter, or just looking for a healthy way to stay hydrated and healthy, Amy & Brian are here to help you Be Better.

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How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety: And Abstinence, Drugs, Satanism, and Other Dangers That Threaten Their Nine Lives

The organization for this book is somewhat odd.  Well, okay.  It's a lot odd.

We understand that portions of the text have been previously published.  But, even if Author Zachary Auburn had pulled out the font (embiggened) it and implemented a better sense of organization, we still might have scraps of minutia hanging out in a non-germane chapter.

How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety
But, we enjoyed the scraps.  In fact, it is perhaps, easier to thumb through and pull out funny bits than it is to keep this on a nightstand and have the book in portions, as it where.  It is funny. 

In fact, we've been wondering how we were going to broach this and other sensitive topics with Snoe and Sparkles and now feel that we have a leg up on the situation.  We are better equipped to just get in there, give them the low down and get out with our head down, but, still approachable.

Because, really even our intellectually superior kitties are only two thumbs away from Googling this information for themselves.  And, really.  No one wants that.

Author: Zachary Auburn
Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Three Rivers Press (October 4, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 045149492X
ISBN-13: 978-0451494924

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World-Revowned Pianist Ludovico Einaudi Plays in the Arctic Ocean for Greenpeace

There is a Latin legal term which is, res ipsa loquitur.  It means, "the thing speaks for itself."  This is why our recounting of this phenomenal event is not a review.  It simply does not require a review.

World-Revowned Pianist Ludovico Einaudi Plays in the Arctic Ocean for Greenpeace
What is the event?  Pianist Ludovico Einaudi was asked by Greenpeace to compose and perform a piece (In June of this year), to raise recognition and to surely to acquire funds for the receding Wahlenbergreen glacier in Svalbard, Norway. 

Take this acknowledged musician, have him float amongst melting ice caps in the Arctic Ocean.  Have him play something that he wrote in recognition of the melting.  Have the man sitting atop the floating matter for forty-hours. 

Have him start to droop a little, out of exhaustion.  See something spiritual lift his head and watch the elegy play out with nature as his back-up symphony.  Watch the pain on his face. 

A review?  No.  Sheer display of compassion, genius and a genuine concern for our environment?  Yes.

Elegy for the Arctic.

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